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Using Hypnosis you can change your habits and behavior immediately and permanently. In Hypnosis you can literally reprogram your subconscious to acquire or eliminate any habit you would like to change. It does not take a lifetime, in fact most problems can be solved in one session. Hypnosis allows you to have an experience that is artificial but the body interprets as being real, which creates a new neural pathway which is the first step to creating the new habit.  Private Hypnosis Sessions available in person or online with David.  Inquire for availability and questions


These are mind development online classes that will teach you how to train your mind and develop your own mental abilities.  Each class focuses on a different subject of the subconscious mind.  You can choose to take classes in as many subjects as you like.  If you choose to complete all ten abilities you will earn a Certificate of Achievement of the Mystical Arts.

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