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SUBJECT:   Telekinesis

DATE:          August 26th

TIME:           11:00 A.M.

WHERE:     Online (Zoom Software)

PRICE:         $ 150

The class is given online and you will learn the fundamentals to move objects using the power of the mind.   We will be using a very well known software called ZOOM available at ( which will allow us to see each other as well as every other member in the class.  If you want to sign up for a class then this is what you do.


1.  CLICK to Send Email to David Dean (include Cupon if you have one.)

2. Payment via Paypal or Venmo $150

3.  You will receive an email

Anything is possible using the power of the mind.  The Mind Artist: David Dean specializes in demonstrating and teaching the untapped abilities of the subconscious mind.  David Dean is known for his teaching style of  being direct and explaining all things mind-related succinctly.  He gives classes, shows and private sessions to teach, entertain and help others. His  services are available for individuals, events, corporate training and educational institutions. 

Everything is energy, thoughts are energy and telekinesis is simply a transfer of energy, a channeling of this vibration, of this frequency from internal to external from mental to physical. The word comes from the Greek: tele means distance, kenis means movement - so moving a substance over distance.  You have read and seen it in films, books and TV and now you can learn it for yourself!

"David Dean is one of the best readers in the World"

              - Ian Rowland (World Renown Reader)

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