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you will learn techniques for that you can use on yourself

you will learn an Underground Healing method from Brazil

Tele Magnetic Healing is an underground form of energy healing from Brazil.  It was originally first seen in a SSpiritual house in Rio de Janeiro.  It focuses the healer's vibrational frequency within two fingers rather than using the full open palm as seen in traditional healing.  This allows the healer to guide the body's natural magnetic energy in a more direct way to specific parts of the body.

All living beings are surrounded by energy patterns (auras) which are affected by thoughts and feelings. Many physical ailments first appear as distortions in the body's magnetic energy flow but they can be cleanser with this intense yet gentle form of self- healing. This energy is natural, it is safe and it can cause no harm; most importantly it is highly effective in reducing pain.

Everything is energy, thoughts are energy and telekinesis is simply a transfer of energy, a channeling of this vibration, of this frequency from internal to external from mental to physical. The word comes from the Greek: tele means distance, kenis means movement - so moving a substance over distance.  You have read and seen it in films, books and TV and now you can learn it for yourself!

Price, schedule & Requirements

Classes last between 60 - 90 minutes.  They are streamed live on a private link via YouTube & Zoom.  Classes are at 10:00 PM EST from Monday thru Friday and at 3:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.  You may choose to attend the classes based on the days and schedules you like.  The classes are rotated so that each subject will appear on different days so that if you miss a subject on one day you will be able to see it another day that month.  The months full schedule will be sent to you via email before the first of the month. Sign up for email ____.   You can sign up for the entire course of 10 Classes at a discounted one time rate of $ 149.95 or take classes as you choose to for $ 19.95 per class.

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