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you will learn the essentials of sending and receiving thoughts as well as improving intuiton

Telepathy and Inuition walk hand in hand.  In this class we will examine the process of  mind reading in depth and work on excercises with each other to improve our abilities to transfer thoughts.  After this class you will be equipt with the basics that will enable you to communicate on a different wave length with others.

Classes last between 60 - 90 minutes.  They are streamed live on a private link via YouTube & Zoom.  Classes are at 10:00 PM EST from Monday thru Friday and at 3:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.  You may choose to attend the classes based on the days and schedules you like.  The classes are rotated so that each subject will appear on different days so that if you miss a subject on one day you will be able to see it another day that month.  The months full schedule will be sent to you via email before the first of the month. Sign up for email ____.   You can sign up for the entire course of 10 Classes at a discounted one time rate of $ 149.95 or take classes as you choose to for $ 19.95 per class.

Price, schedule & Requirements

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